André DeHon
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SEAS/Electrical and Systems Engineering

Energy Research: Co-ran CCC Study on Cross-Layer Reliability (, key issue of this study interaction of energy and reliablity (Final Report).

 Research Interests:
Architecture and Compilers
Spatial Computing

Research Overview: Andre's nano-research strives to answer questions of how to build computing systems at the atomic scale, where device assembly is imperfect, and device operation is statistical in nature. Andre is concerned with effective nanoscale design, which requires a rethinking of computer organization, including conventional abstraction layers. In his work, Andre and his colleagues explore how to harness emerging nanoscale building blocks, such as nanowires, CNTs, and molecules for computation, and how to address the physical challenges they present, including high defect and fault rates, parameter variation, lifetime variability, and statistical assembly. Even scaled CMOS suffers from high transient error susceptibility, high parameter variation, and lifetime aging;  Andre's work shows how we can reduce the energy required to mitigate these effects.

Andre DeHon's Recent Publications

UCB Postdoc 1996-1999
MIT SB '90, SM '93, PhD '96