Kathleen J. Stebe
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Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Department

Research Interests:

  • Capillary interactions
  • Engineering of fluid interfaces using amphiphilic assemblies
  • Surfactants on strongly deforming surfaces
  • Evaporative assembly of small particles
  • Dynamic surface tension
  • Evaporating drops

Research Overview: 
Kate's primary research interests are in non-equilibrium interfaces, with applications ranging from microfluidics to nanotechnology. One aspect of her research program focuses on interfaces between fluids and how surfactants can be used to influence interfacial flows. Other aspects address tailoring of solid-liquid interfaces with applications ranging from patterned electrodeposition to capillary-driven assembly and ordering of nanomaterials.

Kathleen Stebe's Recent Publications

PhD Chemical Engineering 1989 - The City University of New York
MSE Chemical Engineering 1989 - The City University of New York
BA Economics 1984 - The City College of New York

Honors and Awards:  Fellow - Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study - Harvard University - 2002, Robert S. Pond Sr. Excellence in Teaching Award - Whiting School of Engineering - Johns Hopkins University - 1993, American Physical Society Francois N. Frenkiel Award for Significant Contributions in Fluid Mechanics by Young Investigators - 1992, Stanley Katz Memorial Award for Excellence in Research - Department of Chemical Engineering - City University of New York - 1989