Virgil Percec
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Research Interests:

  • Organic, Supramolecular and Macromolecular Chemistry

Research Overview: Virgil's research group is involved in the elaboration of synthetic methods and architectural concepts, as well as in the understanding of the fundamental principles that govern the rational design and synthesis of complex molecular, macromolecular, and supramolecular nonbiological systems that exhibit biological functions. Biological systems are employed as models to develop the synthetic architectural motifs and to control their self-assembly and self-organization during the creation of ordered systems. His research strikes a balance among a diversity of interrelated disciplines, such as organic, bioorganic, macromolecular, and supramolecular synthesis and catalysis, seeking to understand, mimic, and extend Nature's solutions to the design of synthetic functional nanosystems.

Virgil Percec's Recent Publications

Ph.D. 1976 Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, Jassy, Romania
B.S. 1969 Department of Organic and Macromolecular Chemistry, Polytechnic Institute of Jassy, Romania