Big Utilities Weigh in on New Climate Change Bill, the American Power Act

If the early returns are any measure, some heavy hitters are lining up in support of the American Power Act .  Among those issuing statements in support today are Duke Energy Corp. , a major utility company which has been dipping into the distributed solar market .   The company's CEO, Jim Rogers, has also been known to voice criticism of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's anti-science position on climate change . The utility giant PSEG has been pushing a solar loan program and it issued a let's-not-mince-words statement directly linking BP's Gulf of Mexico oil disaster to the need for “a comprehensive energy policy that achieves diversity and puts a price on carbon.”  Not coincidentally, last fall PSEG pulled out of the Chamber of Commerce due to the organization's denialist activism.  If that position doesn't change soon, the Chamber might want to brace itself for some more big defections, because it's not just utilities that have come out in support of the American Power Act.