Peter Davies
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SEAS/Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Research Interests:

  • Chemistry
  • Electronic Ceramics

Research Overview:
Dr. Davies' principal interests lie in the synthesis, structure, solid state chemistry, and properties of electronic ceramics.  Currently his group is involved  in the development of new dielectric ceramics for wireless microwave communication systems, modification of the nano-structural features of relaxor ferroelectrics, identification of new piezoelectric materials, and on the design and synthesis of multi-functional oxide systems.  In these areas he utilizes high resolution transmission electron microscopy, x-ray and neutron diffraction to guide the synthesis of new materials.  In many of these systems he is focusing on how different degrees of cation order can lead to modifications in the material response.  Dr. Davies'  group has published over 130 papers, a complete listing is provided in the link to publications.  Additional details on his research on Microwave Ceramics, Ferroelectrics, and Cation Order are provided in the individual links to the left.

Peter Davies' Recent Publications

Ph.D Solid State Chemistry, Arizona State University (1981)
M.A.Natural Sciences, Oxford University (1978)
1975 B.A.Chemistry, New College, Oxford University (1975)

Honors and Awards: Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching, University of Pennsylvania - UPS Chair for Distinguished Teaching, University of Pennsylvania, 1997-98 - Fellow, American Ceramic Society, 1997 - Associate Editor, Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 1991-
Editorial Advisory Board; International Journal of Inorganic Materials, 1999 - Editorial Advisory Board; Progress in Solid State Chemistry, 1992 - International Advisory Committee, Reactivity of Solids, 1993 -National Science Foundation Creativity Award (Ceramics), 1986 - F.M. Becket Memorial Award, Electrochemical Society of America, 1981