Daniel S. Gianola
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SEAS/Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Dr. Gianola's interests lie in the area of nanomechanics, and his research program focuses on elucidating the mechanical response of advanced materials at reduced length scales.  His experimental studies at Penn use new methodologies for the quantitative mechanical testing of materials at the nanoscale and in situ electron microscopy techniques.

T.J. Rupert, D.S. Gianola, Y. Gan, K.J. Hemker, “Experimental observations of stress-driven grain boundary migration,” Science (2009) accepted.

G. Richter, K. Hillerich, D.S. Gianola, R. Mönig, O. Kraft, C.A. Volkert, “Ultra high strength single crystalline nanowhiskers grown by physical vapor deposition,” Nano Letters 9 (2009) 3048