Larry Sneddon
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Research Interests:

  • Alternative Energy Carriers
  • Chemical Precursors to Ultra High Temperature Aerospace Materials
  • Transition Metal-Promoted Reactions of Inorganic Compounds
  • Ionic Liquid Promoted Reactions
  • Inorganometallic Chemistry

Research Overview:  Larry's research program at Penn has encompassed both inorganic chemistry and materials science, and has included the syntheses and properties of organometallic and main-group compounds; inorganic polymers and solid state materials; organometallic and inorganic catalysis; the design, syntheses, and applications of chemical precursors to advanced ceramic materials; nanostructured ceramics; ultra high temperature materials for aerospace applications; and, most recently, the development of new methods for hydrogen storage.

Larry Sneddon's Recent Publications can be found here

Ph.D. Indiana University (1971)
B.S. Centenary College of Louisiana (1967)

Honors and Awards: BUSA Award for Distinguished Achievements in Boron Science (1992) - Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching (1997) - Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Research Award for Senior US Scientists (2002) - 2007 DOE Hydrogen Program R & D Award in Recognition of Outstanding Achievement in Storage R & D - 2011 Philadephia Section Award of the American Chemical Society