Micahel Fryd
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Synthetic methods, with special emphasis on living or controlled polymerization, are used to design polymers with unique architectures such as telechelic polymers, stars, and block or graft copolymers. We study the self assembly of these polymers both in solution and the solid state, and use them in the synthesis of nanoparticles, and in a variety of material applications such as membranes, sensors, microelectronic devices, and drug delivery systems.

Recently we have synthesized platinum nanoparticles as catalysts for fuel cells in polymeric nanogels and on carbon nanotubes.

Fryd, M.; Grushin, V.; Herron, N.; Periyasamy, M.; Petrov, V. A.; Radu, N. S. "Polymers having attached luminescent metal complexes and devices made with such polymers" US Patent 7,060,372, 2006