Fevzi Daldal
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School of Arts and Sciences / Department of Biology

Research Interests:

  • Structure Function
  • Biogenesis
  • Regulation of Cytochrome Complexes

Research Overview: Dr. Daldal's research focuses on understanding how cytochrome complexes are assembled and they function during photosynthesis and respiration. These proteins are vital components for cellular functions ranging from ATP synthesis to secretion, transport, motility and thermogenesis. Their dysfunction severely compromises cellular energy production, and leads to low crop yields in plants (photosynthesis) or neurological, aging and muscular diseases in humans (respiration). Our studies are focused on the structure, function, assembly and regulation of expression in response to environmental signals of cytochromes using the cytochrome bc1 complex and cytochrome cbb3 oxidase as model membrane proteins.

Fevzi Daldal's Recent Publications

Ph.D., University of Strasbourg, France
Post-Doc., Harvard Medical School

Honors and Awards: Member, Turkish Academy of Science - Fellow, American Academy of Microbiolog - Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science