So-Jung Park
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Research Interests:

  • Self-Assembly of Nanoparticles and Amphiphilic Polymers
  • Self-Organizing Conjugated Polymers with Tunable Optical Properties
  • Enhancing DNA Hybridization Properties through Self-Assembly of DNA Block-copolymers and Nanoparticles
  • Spiky Metal Nanoshells

Research Overview: So-Jung's research involves synthesis and characterization of nanoscale inorganic solids and their hybrids with functional bio/organic materials. Nanometer scale inorganic solids exhibit fascinating properties that are different from their bulk counterparts. Their properties can be tailored by controlling their sizes, shapes, and surface functionalities as well as their compositions. Furthermore, when they are organized into ordered superstructures, new sets of optical and electrical properties can be created. Many of these properties introduce challenging scientific questions and also provide much opportunity for innovation in a variety of technologies ranging from quantum computing to biosensors. The goal of her research group is to understand how the structure of individual particles and their spatial organization affect these physical properties and use that knowledge to design new materials with useful properties.

So-Jung Park's Recent Publications

Ph.D. Northwestern University (2002)
M.S. Ewha Women's University (1996)
B.S. Ewha Women's University (1994)