Cherie R. Kagan
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School of Engineering and Applied Sciences; Electrical and Systems Engineering; Materials Science and Engineering; Chemistry

Research Interests:

  • Nanostructured Materials
  • Energy

Research Overview: Cherie investigates the chemical and physical properties of molecular, supramolecular, and nanostructured materials and assemblies and their applications in electronic, optoelectronic, optical, and sensing devices. Her aim is to understand charge and excitonic transport and interactions and to use these insights to guide the design of molecular and nanostructured devices. Cherie uses chemistry's flexibility to tailor the properties of novel devices, and she employs spatially and temporally resolved spectroscopies and electrical techniques to characterize molecular and nanostructured materials and operating devices.

Cherie Kagan's Recent Publications

PhD Materials Science & Engineering 1996 - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
BSE Materials Science & Engineering 1991 - University of Pennsylvania
BA Mathematics 1991 - University of Pennsylvania

Honors and Awards:  IBM Outstanding Technical Achievement Award - 2005, ACS Selected in Top 12 Young Women at the Forefront of Chemistry - 2002, MIT Technology Review TR10 - 2000